Namibia is a country for free spirits and nature lovers. Namibgrens is situated in close proximity to several conservation areas allowing you to explore beautiful landscapes of rugged mountains, towering sand dunes and endless horizons. The mountains separating the Namib Desert form the Khomas highlands provide extraordinary experiences whether you love [intlink id=”145″ type=”page”]hiking[/intlink], [intlink id=”143″ type=”page”]4×4 trails[/intlink], game viewing or photography.


The towering ancient dunes of [intlink id=”159″ type=”page”]Sossusvlei[/intlink] are world renowned as a photographic destination. A sunrise in the world’s oldest desert is one of the must-dos when visiting Namibia. Climb the 170 metres of Dune 45, marvel at the blackened tree skeletons at Deadvlei and watch the play of colour and light in the Sossusvlei pan.

On your way back make sure to stop at Sesriem Canyon, the area’s only permanent water source. The canyon is up to 30m deep and early settlers had to tie together six belts (Afrikaans “Sesriem”) to reach the water.

Namib-Naukluft National Park

Surrounding the dunes of Sossusvlei is the enormous [intlink id=”157″ type=”page”]Namib-Naukluft Park[/intlink]. A whopping 50 000km² make this conservation area the biggest game park in Africa. While large parts of the park are inaccessible, the dunes of Sossusvlei and the Naukluft Mountains continue to draw visitors into this pristine wilderness. The Naukluft Mountains are renowned for their rugged beauty and some of the wildest hiking trails.

Gamsberg Nature Reserve

The Gamsberg is Namibia’s fourth highest mountain. The table toped mountain provides breath taking views of the Khomas highlands and is one of the world’s premier destinations for stargazing.

Kuiseb Pass and Spreetshoogte Pass

The mountain passes surrounding Namibgrens are an event in themselves. Driving along the steep serpentines it is hard to keep your eyes on the road as the views are captivating.

As the C14 leads you out of the Namib Section of the Namib Naukluft National Park you will negotiate the Kuiseb Pass with beautiful views of the rugged landscape on your way to [intlink id=”289″ type=”page”]Solitaire[/intlink]. The Spreetshoogte Pass connects the Khomas Highlands with the Namib Desert. The pass is the steepest in the country offers absolutely dramatic views of the Great Escapement.