Nguni Cattle

Namibgrens operates as a full economic working Nguni cattle farm. Nguni cattle were introduced to Southern Africa by the Zulu people, are indigenous to Africa and require little or no human intervention to thrive. They are known by their resistance to disease and high fertility.

Nguni hides are extremely popular because of their colours and variety of patterns. The Zulu’s have over 300 words to describe the colours of their cattle. “Izinpugane ebisini” means “flies in the milk”, the name given to a white skin with small black spots. Another interesting name given to a mottled skin with marks and colours resembling the eggs of the Crowned Plover is “Amaqanda we titiyoya”. Patterns on the cow hides also serve as inspiration for many folk tales and analogies with night skies and life!

Even horn shapes determine names like “Mfazi wa lahlega icxala” or the “woman who lost her court case”. This name is given to cows with horns that grow forward and then back, thus resembling a woman with her hands in the air!

Come and see these free roaming cattle and experience a bit of authentic African tradition on Namibgrens.